New Horizon Report (2012) Higher Ed Summary

We’ve been hard at work getting through the New Horizon Report that came out earlier this year. Came across some interesting findings from this internationally audited summary:

Trends the are currently out there in Higher Ed Online learning:

  • Choice for learning on demand (informal and formal)
  • Accessibility – cloud-based
  • Collaboration
  • Abundance of resources and relationships
  • Shifting of Learning Paradigms
  • Challenging-based & Active Learning for Student Engagement

I can’t say that these are just online-based trends, hopefully they are traditional classroom trends as well. Same goes for the challenges they brought up:


  • Un-precedented competition to bring forth new learning education models
  • Evaluation of available new resources (i.e. metrics)
  • Digital media literacy skills
  • Institutional change/barriers
  • Need for scholarly repositories for emerging technologies
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